Whether it’s the simple staging of a few rooms or a full-on renovation, customers of Design to Market LLC have been pleasantly surprised to see what our services have done for them. We pride ourselves on resourcefulness and flexibility. We are experts at using our client’s belongings as much as possible and presenting them in new and unique ways. Client satisfaction in critical to us as we build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

"I have used Jo and team twice and couldn’t be happier. I used to be a skeptic about spending money on staging, but after my research I was convinced it was worth it. We had the home staged on a Thursday and the professional photos done on Friday. We were planning on listing it on Monday and sent the photos out to interested folks from word of mouth. The loved the photos and came to see it and loved it even more. We sold the house by Sunday. There is zero doubt that I would use Jo and team the next time I sell a house."

- Steve: Walnut Hills, Ohio

"Thank you so much for your recommendations & the staging transformation of our home. It went on the market mid-afternoon Friday & we agreed on a contract late last night (Saturday)! I can honestly say the staging fee was the best value for our money. We also recouped & more the money we spent on all the upgrades!"

- Tammy: Anderson, Ohio

"Hiring Design to Market was one of the best things we did to sell our home. We had them come out for an initial consultation early in the process and used that advice in getting the house ready. We then had them come back and do the staging and take the photos right before listing. We could not have been happier with the result. They ended up using a lot of our own furniture, reducing the cost for us and what they did bring gave the house an overall consistent look and tied everything together. It was pretty amazing the transformation they were able to make in our house in just 4 hours. We had 2-3 showings every day the house was on the market until we went under contract. We got an offer in 3 days that proceeded to closing. Compared to other services used in selling one’s house, this represented tremendous value for us."

- Kevin: Blue Ash, Ohio

"We sold our house about two weeks after you did the “staging” for us. If you recall, I was a little hesitant to do it since I did not know what you were going use as to type of furnishings. You said “transitional” and I wondered what it would look like–being an antique and old world aficionado. But WOW when I saw what you did! It was great and perfect for the type of home I had. No doubt it helped us to sell the house."

- Jim: Anderson, Ohio

"We really appreciate your help – we had the house on the market for 2 months prior with no offers, and had 3 offers in the first 3 weeks after staging."

- Charles: Mariemont, Ohio

"Jo was very professional and prepared from the beginning of the staging process, and she came very highly recommended. Her products and design skills made my empty house look amazing. I had my vacant home on the market for 8 weeks with no offers. Once Design to Market staged my listing, it began receiving offers quickly and I had a Purchase Agreement within a couple of weeks. Design to Market was worth every penny and probably saved me months of mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance costs, HOA fees; not to mention I probably would have had to accept a lower purchase price. I could not recommend Jo and Design to Market highly enough."

- John: Mason, Ohio

"Your service was excellent and very reasonable, and nice quality. Thank you."

- Pete: Anderson, Ohio

"Jo, I just wanted to thank you. We sold our home in 9 days, at full asking price! Staging works wonders!"

- Alison: Kenwood, Ohio

"We listed our home on Monday, received an offer on Tuesday, and were under contract on Wednesday. The recommendations from your staging consultation was sure to play a part in it!"

- Sara: Crosby Township, Ohio

"I was a big skeptic in the idea of staging, and for a while even averse to “faking” what was not an “authentic” lifestyle. Now I can honestly say that I am a convert, having experienced an increase in buyer interest due to your tasteful arrangements as well as your additional suggestions for improvements, which made a real impact in the way the home was viewed."

- Homeowner: Clifton, Ohio

"I am positive that the staging done by Design to Market played an integral role in obtaining an offer on my home. Your team was very professional and did a good job of integrating the staged furniture and accessories with my existing decor. Thanks again for everything!"

- Diana: Montgomery, Ohio

"This is our genuine opinion and we have recommended your company to several of our friends who can’t get their homes sold. Design to Market was fantastic! We used your services from the start. With attractive interiors and great photos for the realtor website, we were able to attract a large number of potential buyers and we sold in a very tough market. Thank you!!"

- Tony and Mary: Hyde Park, Ohio

"My husband and I were afraid it would take several months to sell our house in this economic climate. After Design to Market came in and staged our house, it sold in less than a week! We couldn’t have been happier. Thanks again Jo!"

- Elizabeth: West Chester, Ohio

"I highly endorse the creative, professional and extremely helpful services provided by Design to Market. We received an offer on our home in eight days while our next door neighbors, with a comparable house priced 10% lower, had their house on the market for nearly two months. I am 100% sold on the concept of professional staging and the specific services provided by Design to Market. I know the value we received far exceeded the cost."

- Louise: Blue Ash, Ohio