New Construction & Model Home Staging

About New Construction Staging

Design to Market can put together a complete package of the entire home and exterior spaces, beginning with a meeting phase when the development is in the planning stages. We can assist with selecting interior finishes if the builder needs that service.

We research the latest interior design trends and purchase specifically for the home so the model stays fresh for the duration it is in use. We have a unique strategy, allowing the builder to rent the staging package as opposed to purchasing it all outright. We also offer a refresh of the property to ensure that the model looks up to date and “new” to the prospective buyer.

Initial Model Home Visit

The new construction model home staging process begins with a visit to the home by a Design to Market Home Staging professional(s), where a selection of rooms to be staged is determined. This home staging selection typically ranges from 4-6 rooms and varies based on the size of the home.

After the Visit

After visiting the model home, a quote is prepared and presented to the builder or project manager. With approval of the project, the home is staged within 3-5 business days and professional MLS photos are taken so that the new home sales team can list or update the information on the web.