Investor Services

Vacant Home Staging Services

It is difficult to compete in today’s real estate market with a vacant home. Photos of vacant properties do not drive showing activity in the same way as a well-appointed, furnished home. Another challenge is that vacant homes magnify flaws, as there is less to focus on when a prospective buyer tours the home.

Design To Market Home Staging has an inventory of furniture, artwork, and decorative items that are appropriate to stage homes of many different styles and price points. Our focus with our staging projects is to give an identity and personality to the home that will connect with prospective buyers. By staging a vacant home, we are assisting buyers to understand unique floor plans and delivering a vision of the potential for a given property.

Project Consulting

Whether you have just purchased your property and are ready for demolition or you are a few weeks out from listing we can advise you during many stages of your process.  We look at the home with the end user in mind and help you determine what may be necessary or not depending on the budget. We can help you be strategic in how the spaces will be used and advise you on the latest trends and finishes.