Home Staging Consultation

Design to Market Home Staging will assess the property with a fresh and unbiased eye. Following the initial viewing, the homeowner will receive a written, detailed report that will clearly outline the scope of the projects with suggested improvements and a quote for the staging of your home.

Our Cincinnati-based home staging professionals rely on years of interior design and marketing experience as we review your home and make recommendations during our consultation appointment. Our focus is to identify those changes that will make the most impact while keeping in mind your staging budget. As we complete our consultation, an in-depth room by room analysis is done to determine what will give it more universal appeal for the current market. The outcome can range from recommendations to paint or remove wallpaper, remove personal items, update light fixtures or even repurpose furnishings within the home.

As Design To Market Home Staging conducts the consultation we will consider the style of the home, the price point, and the uses of space and applicability to the demographic of the prospective buyers. During the consultation, our Design To Market Home Staging consultant will also review the curb appeal and make recommendations to improve the initial impact of the home. Our consultations are focused on optimizing the presentation of your home from two perspectives; The photos that will be placed on MLS that drive the scheduling of listing appointments, and the in-person experience when a prospective buyer tours the home. Both aspects are critical to successfully competing in today’s Greater Cincinnati real estate market.

As a follow up to the meeting at your home, Design to Market Home Staging will provide the homeowner with a written, detailed report that can be a tool for the Do It Yourself owner or it can present the scope of work that our professional stagers will implement during the process of working with you to prepare your home for the Greater Cincinnati real estate market.