Rental Property Staging

Creating A Vision For Renters

It is difficult to compete in today’s rental market with a vacant property. Photos of vacant properties do not drive leasing activity in the same way as a well-furnished property does. Additionally, only 10% of the population can visualize an empty room with their own furnishings.

Our focus with our staging projects is to give an identity and personality to the property that will connect with prospective renters. By staging a vacant property, we are assisting potential lessors to understand unique floor plans and delivering a vision of the potential for a given property.

Initial Rental Visit

The rental staging process begins with a visit to the property by a Design to Market Home Staging professional(s) where a selection of rooms to be staged is determined. This property staging selection typically ranges from ___ rooms and varies based on the size of the property.

After The Visit

After visiting the property, a quote is prepared and presented to the property manager or owner. With approval of the project, the home is staged within 3-5 business days and professional photos are taken so that the leasing agent can list or update the information on the web.